Hubei pressworks 6 times the enterprise that pack captures a government special
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Classics of Hubei Wuhan city appoint website, right progress of Wuhan city medium and small businesses is special 2008 capital undertakes fair show, in having 6 small presswork the project of the enterprise that pack wins special fund support. Specific list is:

Industry of paper of the will of the people of 1. Hubei tobacco limited company: All over the sky swims yellow crane building is holographic smoke is used receive the product line that hold paper to transform a project;

Color print of cropland of 2. Wuhan mulberry is finite liability company: Complete digitlization pressworks technical reformation project;

China course of study packs 3. Wuhan limited company: Project of product line of cloth of labor of container bag land;

4. Wuhan helps limited company of heart science and technology: Label of not dry glue produces an item;

Paper of beautiful bank of 5. Wuhan benefit tastes limited company: Produce per year ability of chipboard of beehive of 12 million square metre to revise a project;

6. Wuhan luck packs limited company especially: Flexible package product line revises extend project.

It is reported, wuhan city each district, classics appoint report the project of medium and small businesses that applies for special fund support 75, via expert evaluation, among them project of 70 medium and small businesses is included special fund to give aid to list.

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