American print gain glides
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According to the statistical report of American PIA/GATF association, in going one year, the United States pressworks the gain of the industry had appeared to glide. The depression of macroeconomic and presswork market development puts delay, become in 2007/2008 year be a burden on pressworks of industry profit ability because of,basically move.

In going one year, the United States pressworks the profit margin before the average tax of the enterprise is 3.1% , relatively of before one year 3.4% dropped 0.3 percent. This and 1995 to gain level considers between 2001, this also was in the past 6 years in, the phenomenon that first time occurrence profit glides. According to this rate, the United States pressworks the gross profit this year is the industry about 5.4 billion dollar.

Of before gain is resided 25% presswork enterprise, average profit margin is 9.7% , relatively of before one year 10.1% glide 0.4% . The problem that although appeared,profit glides, but these pressworking gain ability still achieved the enterprise to go up century level of 90 time medium-term. And presswork enterprise the average gain level of 3.1% , be equivalent to the level of the later period in the last slump roughly.

According to statistic, the United States pressworks the place in company cost holds proportion the biggest is raw material charge, 34.95% what hold sale about. Among them the 1/4 that paper held sale is strong. Other hold cost of larger proportion still have labour cost (those who hold sale 25.13% ) , finished cost (hold sale 16.97% ) , run cost (those who hold sale 9.66% ) with sale cost (hold sale 8.97% )

Investigation shows, raw material holds the proportion that sells amount, was 2007 35.44% , was 2008 34.95% . In finished cost respect, was 2008 16.97% , relatively 2007 16.77% rise somewhat. The corresponding period, sale cost by 8.77% rise for 8.97% , administrative cost also by 9.57% rise 9.66% .

2008, the United States pressworks of the enterprise complete member sale of average per capita is one hundred and forty-six thousand two hundred and forty-seven dollar, relatively small 2007 fall 0.3% . The company with those lead profit is narrated before, complete member sale of average per capita rose one hundred and fifty-nine thousand one hundred and ninety-five dollar by the one hundred and fifty-five thousand one hundred and sixty-one dollar 2007. If produce a worker to be calculated for the foundation with a gleam of, the United States 2008 pressworks the sale of average per capita of the enterprise is one hundred and ninety-six thousand seven hundred and forty-two dollar, relatively rose 2000 much dollars 2007. And the enterprise before profit is resided, this number was two hundred and ten thousand four hundred and eighteen dollar 2008.

According to this report, presswork the enterprise can know the difference of lead company in oneself and industry, also conduce to discovery problem
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