Stage of our country head exceeds large soft edition printing machine is born
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Recently, "The 59th United States prints large award to surpass " selection result is announced, shanghai has 21 presswork to win of all kinds award, win a gold prize among them have 4, it is respectively: Art of Shanghai bound dragon pressworks of limited company " Remy Martin Club " () of the box that pack, elegant prosperous enterprise (group) of limited company " Chinese culture bequest - Guizhou Province " , shanghai China business affairs pressworks jointly of limited company " tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty " and " big dictionary of new century Chinese-English " . By American printer trade association sponsors " the United States prints large award " element has presswork bound " Oscar " say, it is the whole world pressworks the industry is the most authoritative, have force most presswork match of international of product appraise through comparison. The presswork of this Shanghai carries on large award competition praise and return, reflected Shanghai adequately to presswork industry in the world competitive actual strength.

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