Whole world of Chinese ascend body pressworks before the market 3 armour
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The United States pressworks market survey orgnaization pressworks industry market information and research organization (PRIMIR) the near future is released " the whole world pressworks market research " report, the report says the whole world pressworks mart branch is 3 chunk: The United States, Europe and Asia occupy the whole world to presswork each 1/3 of the market.

The whole world pressworks market total value is 610 billion dollar, north America is occupied 32% , europe is occupied 32% , the Asia is occupied 28% , other area is occupied 8% . However, to 2011, the whole world pressworks market general " east move " : North America will be occupied 28% , europe will be occupied 31% , the Asia is occupied 30% , other area is occupied 11% , the whole world pressworks market total production value will amount to 720 billion dollar.

Europe pressworks the market has two contrary tendencies: Hamster pressworks the market is as high as 51% in the increase rate that did not come 5 years, and Western Europe has 12% only.

From 2006 ~2011 year in light of the chart that before the whole world 12 great seal brush the market, china has replaced Germany and England to become the 3rd great seal to brush the market. However, to 2011, india will be jumped from the 12nd reach the 8th.

The market of another remarkable growth is Indonesia, imprint always 2011 the quantity will amount to 10 billion dollar.

The whole world pressworks industry 12 strong in, 10 strong it is a developed country. But of these countries presswork the market from progress is slow since 2001, ebb even. Total production value of Chinese printer property already was jumped 2006 litre to the world the 3rd.

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