News publishs total arrange orgnaization to move renewing to set science and tec
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Recently, the author publishs total arrange to learn from news, news published total arrange to undertook the orgnaization is adjusted recently, the orgnaization is set to increase 12 by 11 original inside, establish publication industry to develop department, integrated business department, science and technology and number to publish department with stylish.

After the orgnaization is adjusted, edition of national new scent always sets an orgnaization to basically be inside arrange: General office (finance affairs manages) , department, integrated business department, publication industry grows code department of department, news the press, publication management manages (ancient books arranges publication program office) , presswork issue administrative department, science and technology and number to publish department, manage illegally with banned publication instead (the whole nation " .

News publishs total arrange to concern chief introduction, adjust through this orgnaization, news publishs total arrange to hold to in principle of a thing to be in charge of by a branch, reduce duty across jackknife, at the same time further outstanding news publishs working characteristic, put working emphasis in construction of industrial program, legal system, content management, quality to supervise, the market is bred and the respect such as public service function, exert oneself solves problem of the heat that numerous people pays close attention to, difficulty.

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