Global economy is fatigued and weak foreign the press pressworks optimize upgrad
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Enter since 2008, oil price violent wind rises, the dollar depreciates, raw material price rises continuously, global economy is entered fatigued and weak period, presswork economy also place oneself among them. International the press pressworks as presswork one of economy main branch, those who accompanying publisher of the press of its upper reaches is embarrassed, be immersed in a variety of predicament likewise. To suit new round of the press publishs demand, each country big the press pressworks the enterprise adjusts development strategy in succession, many enterprises are changed through farther dimensions, digitlization, get reduce profit of cost, creation, make whole industry was entered thereby quickly transition, optimize the times that upgrade. This edition compiles several abroad the press to presswork centrally especially respect article, brush newest tendercy with delivering world the press to imprint.

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