Beijing pressworks the institute holds offset print to presswork the technology
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Presswork to rise the industry that pack the integrated quality from team of personnel of course of study, increase presswork the industry shows acting level of management and business ability, get used to increasingly intense market competition better, suit presswork the reform of the industry that pack and development need, exert oneself education is familiar with offset print one batch to presswork already equipment operation, what have stronger academic knowledge again is compound model talent, beijing pressworks the institute continues to teach an institute to hold offset print to presswork the technology grooms class, groom class schoolteaching teacher pressworks for home entirely the professor that the industry has senior effect, scholar.

Groom class student basically is faced presswork the management in the enterprise and business backbone; Offset print pressworks workshop production administrator, staff member. Groom content includes: Presswork material and comfortable sex, presswork the working principle of main orgnaization reachs the structural composition with the printability of paper printing ink and analysis of its generation problem and corresponding means of settlement, overall printing machine, printing machine adjust, press pressure detects reach modulatory method, presswork the standardization operation of equipment, presswork equipment and presswork.

This period groomed time is in October 2005 22 ~ 29 days. Theory gives lessons with inspect practice photograph union, in the expert the thrust deep into the enemy forces in teaching tuitional course undertakes visiting inspecting an activity, look around inspect China to presswork museum, Beijing pressworks center of lab of academic key major, exercitation and relevant presswork the enterprise.

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