Paper box technology: The design that exports corrugated box wants a place
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Chinese product returns money repeatedly by foreign businessman, among them outer packing does not accord with the reason that place provides. For the company that exports corrugated box to production, should cause high attention to this. Here, debate the point that exit corrugated box should note in design respect.

Appearance design notes a point

1. The paper box of exit is designing box model when, the jolt in wanting to consider carriage way, rub, wear away, decline, carry substandard ministry to pound active force. Pack as big commodity so, corrugated box wants when the design as far as possible simple, carry easily, avoid a model to cut, because had used much model to cut,craft can reduce the integral performance of paper box, and appear the technology that make is too sophisticated. In the meantime, consider case to go to the lavatory even, some still needs to consider mechanical case to wait.

2. When devising corrugated box measure, must consider to rise with different container union, make full use of the space of container, avoid a product to be put in surplus space in carriage process, waste already go against a product again the safety in carriage process. Additional, the length of corrugated box, wide, high proportion suits contents even.

3. The carriage according to place, carry a condition, lifted handle aperture can increase to wait for human nature to change a design on the bigger case that pack, can go to the lavatory so carry.

Material chooses an attention to want a place character

The intensity of corrugated box is designed, it is the most important one part in material qualitative design, it is affected not only presswork the effect, more the influence shapes to corrugated box the following each physics function.

1. Close relationship exists between paper water content and corrugated box intensity. When distributing paper to corrugated box, want to consider the weather condition of each country, for example, weather often dry place can be become with raw material paper raw material; And weather is damper, or the corrugated box that needs refrigerant cold storage can make raw material with waterproof paper, the physical function that just can assure corrugated box so does not suffer the effect that air humidity changes. The bad that we can differ according to 3 kinds on SN/T0262-93 standard changes coefficient comes make choice of uses paper case, the corrugated box with average briefer storage life can use the paper with ration and inferior function, conversely tall. Regard production as business, can production of adapt oneself to changing circumstances gives the product that fits the market.

2. The country is right the corrugated box that uses in home only (GB6543) the corrugated box with exit product (GB/T5033) established a standard respectively. It is certain to exported each index of corrugated box to have rise, when accordingly we are distributing paper, use raw material paper must have taller physical property, for instance annulus presses an index to wait. The chipboard that pulls at the same time also must be in be able to bear or endure the regulation that GB5034 satisfies on the physical function such as broken, edge pressing, bind.
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