Small doohickey: Washing powder application reachs action at black-and-white me
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Washing powder serves as a kind of clean article, not only in be being used at daily life, OK also in offset job applying, one, can have clean edition effect, in offset, on PS edition dirty it is common problem, scumming cannot keep clear of completely with wet pink of clean edition fluid, embellish sometimes, encounter this kind of phenomenon, might as well with a bit washing powder, open the washing powder of certain dosage and clean edition fluid or to hydrate, with sponge light graze forme has dirty place, special attention answers in wiping brushed process, if dirty place is plain net since forme, strength is answered a bit smaller, brush beautiful forme possibly otherwise, 2, the glair that usable Yu Qing washs rubber roll face changes a layer, rubber roll is after the use with long course, the impurity in paper, printing ink can press next is in in high speed Zhan the surface condenses form a smooth glair to change a layer, make the physical characteristic of rubber roll flexibility changes, affect thereby suck the Chinese ink, quality that conducts Chinese ink.

Surface of clean rubber roll, the glair of the stubborn sex that forms for long especially changes a layer, it is a not easy thing, but use washing powder to have specially good effect to afore-mentioned problems, and the method is simple, become clean edition fluid and washing powder key mushy, besmear it to the rubber roll that needs to clean, wipe back and forth forcibly next, till rubber roll surface abluent without glance action can, still should notice, on the rubber roll after cleanness had better not the machine on the horse, it perpendicular set period of time, make its restore the reuse after flexibility. Such ability achieve optimal result quite.

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