Raise web to take the new method of paper performance and skill
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The competition that paper industry makes alive bound range is more and more intense and complex. Want to live below this kind of complex environment, the industry is improving quality, reduce waste, increase the link such as crop to suffer from concentrate one's efforts, make the manufacturing unit process of cargo bandling of the enterprise more effective. Below introduce a few new methods that can raise paper sex and new technology simply.

Current condition is, a lot of enterprises are in much energy flower store up, above managing fiber, include to use more light-duty data, use the paper with the higher volume that contain ash, use the fiber that reclaims again in great quantities. Such although managing material, but the sex taking paper that affected web however, make paper quality of production drops somewhat thereby, in the meantime, papermaking business must accelerate machine movement rate, ability lets these paper whack maintains in producing a course. Produce such paper, there is a bit space between machine and paper, make drier cannot work normally. Want to handle the chipboard of so tall sensitization, need better cylinder, have accurate control to paper pressure even.

In recent years, through using consistency profiling, a design that has innovatory sense has been invented, this is handed in to profiling of type paper ration namely. Will control paper ration through changing consistency, make bit can maintain consistency in be handed in to the machine. When blade and moment of fender photograph parallel, eject speed will produce a change, bring about fiber thereby directional not harmonious. Profiling and blade are wanting to pass machine transversely mouth, weight control also is not the control that relies on fiber angle. A of consistency profiling main good point is, the traversal speed of paper machine can assure black-and-white quality. Consistency profiling makes the machine cold start-up, changeover that block number is mixed shut machine place to need time to want than other technology little. The final result that uses this kind of technology is, managing many cost, product quality also rises greatly.

In the respect of sex taking paper of web, ENP technology is a major technical breakthrough. This kind of technology most the production that is used at linear chipboard and corrugated paper first. What the extruding force that this kind of technology increases raised paper is dry degree. As a result of such reason, it had made the technical standard of chipboard industry. The locomotive speed of technology of a few ENP can achieve 1500KN/M. ENP technology has been used in great quantities in field of level of appraisal paper industry now. A large number of experiments make clear, below ENP technology condition, of chipboard dry degree can reach the level 6 o'clock. Because of these advantages, in producing the course such as delicate paper paperboard, ENP technology is a kind of powerful auxiliary tool.

Pulp is in assuring paper sex respect also is a very main factor. Now, full automatic the system has begun to apply, use at detecting the consistency of pulp, dissociate is spent, average fiber length, fiber length distributings, crimpness and surface roughness. Divide this beyond, it still can detect brightness, colour and luminosity.
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