Not the technology of accept rice processing that absorbency material presswork
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In special black-and-white domain, plastic kind of material be imprintinged cannot undertake pressworking directly, need to pass finishing kind, change face of material be imprintinged through polarity reach the surface is rough change, can adhere to smoothly with benefit printing ink at apparently, although already went,the surface changes qualitative technology for years, however its apply range and dimensions to be in there just is those who showing to grow inside 10 years recently. This reachs reliable exterior character quickly to handle technical development to reach into grown much ascribe circulate. These methods include chemistry, actinic reach high-energy physics in order to improve polymer appearance. Chemical method includes to be like halogenate, addition, etch the reaction that reachs oxidation. If oxidisability is reached,actinic method includes to be not oxidisability solution to fall, the surface of halogenate and smooth graft reacts. Physical method includes corona discharge, electric oar, electron and ion bundle processing. The article will introduce corona processing, ultraviolet ray processing and ionic oar processing to wait for means.

Corona processing

Corona processing principle is to use electrostatic discharge namely (Electrostatic Discharge) means installs adherent sex with improving the besmear of plastic film, solve polypropylene or polyethylene pressworks filmily the problem that field place produces adherent sex. Besides, the water portion that filmy surface produces and high firm share are radiative solidify printing ink (metropolis of High Solids Radiation Cumable Ink) causes the appearance can increase, for example: Polyvinyl chloride and polyester are to belong to this kind of film. The pre-treatment that general film adopts includes: Does avoid touch entangled of  rancorring ⒌ not  of soft-shelled turtle of  Dun flood dragon rank sentence a predestined relationship to be able to bear or endure idle of Kong Bai Tao?

Corona processing system includes: Transformer of ⒌ black?generator) , tall voltage (High Voltage Transformer and processing machine (Treating Machine) . And processing machine basically is a capacitor (Capacitor) , the material of processing is found a place for be between electrode, let voltage till achieve the goal that corona deals,increase gradually. Accordingly, corona processing can increase exterior oxidation, make chemical bond rupture and cause more oxyhydrogen base round (Hydroxyl Groups) , carbon radical is round (Carbonyl Bonds) and cross oxidation hydrogen key, filmy surface can be changed thickly change (Rougheng) , make exterior pollution is reduced.

Plastic film is found a place for be in normally roller canister (between Roller) , give bipolar corporeal processing, and leave approximate number centimeter through electrode and electrode face posture. Corona is handled as time decrease, its influencing factor includes: Ascendant temperature (Elevated Temperature) and humidity (Humidity) , besides, the surface decreases to be able to reach the additive that improves slippery sex after returning outfit having besmear, accordingly, corona processing needs to avoid hare lumpish generation reachs the surface can increase and affect a pine to coil with winding.
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