Make sure color of Chinese ink of part of colour message word is even layout le
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The literal part Chinese ink that signs up for to assure colour is lubricious level off of even, layout, we ask to operate personnel from the following 3 respects begin:

1. Make sure film is when exposure literal clarity, density is even.

Producing a course actually, because time of exposure produces change, the speed of film of different perhaps batch is put in difference, bring about the character on the film with fine exposure to break stroke directly, density is inhomogenous. Need a staff member to take step in time at this moment, perhaps go out afresh piece, perhaps adopt other remedy measure, assure the quality of film.

2. When plate making, density of clarity of the character after making sure PS edition passes exposure develop level off of even, layout.

In producing a course, to make an eligible PS edition, normally the staff member should take the following step: ① picks very eligible stage paper, make sure stage paper surface does not have nick and dirt; Anhydrous alcohol is used before ② uses stage paper paper of will all stage is brushed; ③ checks all film to whether be put in quality problem; Must assure to be not had between stage paper when ④ printing down other any sundry; Ensure when ⑤ printing down inspiratory and good, exposure is proper; ⑥ makes sure position of develop engine work is good, do not have on the glue rod of develop machine sundry and adherent. Bad to because printing down machine is inspiratory,be in when printing down, or dirty adsorption is in on stage paper, cause the PS that has made when edition is unqualified uniform bask in again.

3. Pressworking in the process, color of the layout level off that to make colour signs up for, Chinese ink even, writing is clear, normally the requirement pressworks operation personnel begins from the following respects.

① assures moderate of pressure of printing machine platen. Normally the circumstance falls, when newspaper annulus pressworks, between the rubber platen of machine of high speed entrance presswork pressure is in 0.25 ~ 0.3mm, between rubber platen and edition platen presswork pressure is in 0.15 ~ 0.2mm, of platen jumpy allow to be in 0.01 ~ 0.03mm. If of platen presswork pressure is too great, imprint the literal stroke that go out coarsens, if of platen had beaten big, cause occurrence double image of layout see things in a blur, character easily. Still can appear at the same time paper goes to wait for a phenomenon not smoothly when pressworking.

② adjusts good press the pressure between each rubber roll. Had adjusted the pressure between each rubber roll, the look of colour newspaper Chinese ink that gives to assuring to imprint is even crucial. Above all, should adjust the clearance between good Mo Xingun and reticulation roller (different type, the level of this clearance is different) . In producing a course actually, the stand or fall that this clearance adjusts matters to the whole process that send handwriting or painting directly good; Should adjust good reticulation next roller and the glue that send handwriting or painting and each transmit Chinese ink glue and the pressure between the glue that string together Chinese ink (the embossing of old rubber roll in 120mm above is in the diameter below normal circumstance 7 ~ 8mm, the diameter is in in the embossing of the rubber roll of 80 ~ 95mm 5 ~ 6mm) ; Adjust good inside and outside to rely on the pressure between glue and edition platen finally (it is normally inside the embossing small 1mm that glue relies on to go up in forme outside relying on glue to be compared in the embossing on forme) .
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