The treatment after imprinting: The quality of laminating product controls meas
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Laminating technology often is used in brand is made and packing the process that make. But in be being produced actually, because handlers handles undeserved or other account, after regular meeting causes product laminating, appear corrugate, bubbly, curly wait for quality problem. And the ability after bubbly phenomenon often deposits period of time arises, this makes product quality is affected, cause even below severe case discard as useless. Because this aborning asks handlers must be operated correctly, had held each link, make the product achieves quality requirement. Talk about a law with respect to the quality control of laminating product below.

Need the control of construction product

1. Need construction product must flat. To having " falbala " and " strict limit " not flat paper of the phenomenon should undertake handling. "Falbala " paper can undertake roast processing, "Strict limit " paper can undertake aing string of 1 air is handled.

2. Must wait for print to work fully rear but laminating, can cause otherwise bubble or play wool phenomenon.

3. When pressworking as far as possible little dusting, can cause hair of place piling pink to bubble for nothing otherwise. Answer to handle dusting before laminating, impression is much can undertake aing string of 1 air goes pink, impression is little can undertake be wipinged artificially.

4. Way of paper silk detailed still should notice when laminating, especially pasteboard, because grind make friends drawing and be produced curly phenomenon,reduce paper.

The control of unit process of cargo bandling

1. Sizy ply wants proper. Too thick easy generation is curly, and affect glossiness; Too thin viscosity is insufficient, can bubble even. Answer to undertake modulatory according to the product, general art paper is controlled appropriately some thinner, hectograph paper is controlled appropriately some thicker.

2. Pressure should undertake modulatory according to product situation. Pressure of general art paper should compare a little bit hectograph paper is small, somes flimsy is smaller than pasteboard.

3. Ordinary control is temperature 60 ℃ of 40 ~ . Temperature can make paper and film are out of shape too high, create a product curly, but also cannot too low, can cause viscosity otherwise insufficient. Art paper temperature should compare hectograph paper a bit low.

4. Filmy Zhang Jin is spent should appropriate. Work normally with can be being maintained commonly, not lag is advisable. Make a product easily too closely curly, too loose the meeting is corrugate.

The control of workshop temperature and humidity

1. To assure product quality, the temperature of laminating workshop is average should with presswork workshop photograph suits, unfavorable too Gao Hetai is low.

2. Humidity is compared commonly presswork workshop slightly small advisable. Humidity too congress causes a product to be out of shape even drape, can cause more after the product is machined curly. Humidity is too small can make the product arises in laminating process electrostatic, the working procedure after bringing about suffers an effect.
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