Discuss: Content of ribbon printing ink is more sufficient better
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When high grade ribbon is felt with the hand, apparent printing ink mark won't leave on finger, and inferior printing ink, if use a hand to feel,be fat feeling, look be like printing ink enough, but print the specimen page that come out, the feeling that use a hand can produce faintness, like hitting ink as using inferior spray. This kind of printing ink because grain is bulky, the belt that compares very soak to receive ribbon hard base, because this ability appeared to remain easily in ribbon surface, with the hand a meeting stays in the phenomenon on the hand. What is this absolutely " with stuff is enough " , it is manufacture in a rough way instead. Also plant as a result of this printing ink is false " enough " , bulky printing ink grain not only can cause adherent power low influence to print the effect to create the appearance that weigh color, and it still can enter needle of the head that print to seam along feed hole of the needle that print, as the elapse of time, caky below the action of dirt, jam the head that print, bring about printer cannot the catastrophe failure that on the rails prints.

Accordingly, in ribbon of choose and buy when, cannot see exterior printing ink " enough " buy immediately, the printing ink fluidity of a good ribbon and wellability are better, be not being wiped forcibly commonly is won't stick on the hand on of apparent trace, also not allow at the same time the easy happening that differ with ribbon the belt of the layer base adhesion phenomenon, the ribbon that has these characteristics just is the quality goods that is worth to buy.

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