Portable paper bag machines skill to save cost to improve manufacturing efficie
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Although portable paper bag has a lot of sort, but of the portable paper bag of the great majority on market or rectangle, appearance standard, single order often impression is not big, use offset print craft to finish commonly presswork. Its manufacturing technology is simpler, can finish production according to offset print and the technique that the treatment after imprinting uses generally. But if can be aimed at the special place of paper bag, do to technique a few alter, OK and economic cost and improve manufacturing efficiency, talk about oneself to be experienced in a few experience of this respect below, consult for everybody.

The repetition of mould pressing edition is used

Below most circumstance, portable paper bag is not to package a product directly, assemble the product first however be in carton or in polybag, put in portable paper bag again next, be carried in order to go to the lavatory and appear beautiful and easy, this makes a client right the dimension precision requirement of portable paper bag often is inferior to carton strict. The basis carries paper bag this one characteristic, the length of the portable paper bag that the author has produced my plant before, wide, expensive measure had accurate statistical pool, according to carrying paper bag different height undertakes classified number.

For example, height of portable paper bag comes in 25cm between 30cm it is a kind, and will all here the mould pressing edition of the portable paper bag inside high limits has number, place by serial number custodial, mention expressly on minute book the exact size of the mould pressing edition of correspondence of serial number place (include length, width and height) , the distance that the edge holding a mouth of edition of the composing means of mould pressing edition, mould pressing manages line of the impress that fold a mouth to lifted handle. When the client will print portable paper bag, search statistics first, those who have same size is best, if have the portable paper bag of similar measure only, the dimension that can talk things over to whether can press likeness with the client undertakes printing, if be client place to accept, come with this dimension plate making, presswork, use next former already some mould pressing edition undertake impress is machined, saved the cost of edition of the mould pressing that make and time. For big to paper bag crop company, such doing can obtain considerable economic benefits. The portable paper bag of new to must be being made mould pressing edition, edition of new mould pressing should maintain unified composing pattern as far as possible, the unified edge that hold a mouth is in the distance of line of the impress that fold a mouth to lifted handle, after using, also answer to give classify is registered in time, use with repeating after equipment.

Mould pressing method

1. Replace impress line with cardboard

The paper that makes portable paper bag is mensurable mostly the art paper that is less than 250g/m2 or kraft, final fold shapes to use manual fold means commonly. Accordingly, the impress treatment of paper bag also does not need to cooperate steel wire to undertake with impress line commonly, replace impress line to use with cardboard however, particular operation is as follows.
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