The treatment after imprinting: Influence model cuts the element analysis of fu
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1. each component machines quality and the influence that assemble precision

Cut the individual technology parameter of machine to look from the model, the pattern that homebred model cuts machine and abroad cuts machine photograph very smaller than difference, but speed, precision and stability, dependability is cut to go up to be put in the difference with bigger move however in the model, this basically accepts the restriction of level of technology of domestic manufacturing industry, the treatment of a lot of component is rough, error limits is opposite bigger, assemble not quite accurate also, cause machine traversal speed to reach a model not quite quickly to cut precision not quite tall. Like intermittence orgnaization and advocate match and make what precision is affecting machine rate directly between transmission system and catenary platoon rise, if assemble precision insufficient, the influence the model cuts precision and cause noise to lift. If orgnaization of ancon lever pressure is mixed,move platform photograph to match again, because be put in opposite motion, put in clearance necessarily, if clearance is affirmatory unreasonable can cause concussion load, generation shakes, cause noise to lift, affect the rate that the model cuts and precision then.

2. Lose the influence of paper rate and fixed position orgnaization

Current, the means is defeated by paper that uses generally domestic and internationally is continuous be defeated by paper, namely before piece after paper is mixed piece paper always has one part to overlap together, this kind of means is defeated by paper smooth, rate is rapid. But rate is defeated by paper is rapid, paper can produce very big wallop when relying on forward compasses, cause paper easily curly or bounce, cause fixed position to forbid, precision drops. So good model is cut machine should be in the speed that assures to paper is reduced to move on stage is defeated by paper as far as possible while the model cuts rate, reduce the wallop of the compasses before paper is right thereby, ensure location is exact, cut precision in order to raise a standard.

Presswork has fixed position by fixed position orgnaization first before the model is cut. The model cuts the fixed position orgnaization of machine by before compasses, side compasses, before lean compasses orgnaization composition leans after compasses orgnaization is mixed. Fixed position orgnaization cuts the precision of machine to having crucial effect to the model.

Paper is in before entering the tooth that hold paper to discharge by before compasses and side compasses have fixed position to it, the action of compasses is right before paper has fore-and-aft fixed position, when be like the compasses before installation has many, those who have fixed position effect have two only, the compasses before the others must be in accurately same horizontal on, have auxiliary effect, otherwise, can have produced fixed position, reduce fixed position precision. The height of compasses is adjustable before, the height when the model cuts fixed position wants moderate, compasses attune is gotten before exorbitant, can cause paper in front the mouth bends, affect fixed position precision thereby; Compasses attune has been gotten before low, paper cannot arrive before plan part, position intention is less than since. Side compasses is used at the transverse fixed position of paper, side compasses has two normally, but one is used only when the job. To ensure location is exact, side compasses pulls force of paper wheel load to want proper. Power of the wheel load that draw paper is too great, can cause paper side to bend; Pressure is too little bring about paper to be not pulled likely reach the designated position, affect fixed position precision. Additional, because fixed position time is proper, before the accident of the fixed position time of compasses and side compasses also can affect fixed position precision, affect a model to cut precision then, so, the fixed position time of the compasses before wanting reasonable allocation and side compasses.
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