"Value of paper tiger " does not poor paper quality is collected article have w
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The life cannot leave paper, culture art cannot leave paper, paper quality is collected article more be known as " paper tiger " . Gently thin thin a piece of paper, the harships that is the history such as politics, economy, culture witnesses content.

12 days rise this month, head period " the time on paper " Tibet of civilian paper culture tastes Fair to will be in Shanghai city of Yun Zhou antique pulls open heavy curtain. The paper Tibet that exhibits this is tasted, the biggest characteristic is " old " , basically include from late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China the of all kinds Tibet at the beginning of 50 time tastes consummate century, have poster of painting and calligraphy, stock, soft, old ad, movie, comic, culture the many class such as book of poster, old newspaper, old edition, old photograph, add up to 339.

Collect association board according to Shanghai Lv Chuanyou of controller of standing director, activity introduces, because these paper Tibet are tasted,bearing the weight of the culture lifeblood of Chinese history, because this has the masses base that comparative, this activity hides the treasure that taste Tibet to promote paper quality further namely at civilian and one when build trades platform. In this paragraph of time that the activity collects, call come the inquiry, person that sends Tibet to taste is very much, many people still come from the other place. After all these " paper tiger " have why glamour, present market level how, might as well let our classify understand.

Stock: Numerous element decides price window: The Republic of China commercial bank of 32 years of China

The history of Chinese stock already had 120 one's remaining years actually, since quiet day (1827) " bureau of ship action trade " the first piece of stock calculates case, to stock market of the China after reforming and opening " change without paper " before " chloric alkaline chemical industry " , " one lead of Chinese " and " eternal life makes a pen " etc, the history of Chinese stock accompanied person of the Five Dynasties. Although modern stock market already was entered " change without paper " process, but already the objective stock of out of print becomes a kind to collect resource preciously undoubtedly.

Objective stock is the paper equity proof of joint-stock company, its account is worn the history of politics of a state, economy, finance, culture. With respect to objective stock itself character, have design, steel seal, watermark, seal, sign one's name, connotation comparing is soft even rich, collect historic, cultivation, artistic quality at a suit, have extremely tall collect and invest value. Be like 1931, by the share of a piece of objective that the Red Army issues, par value 1 yuan, current market price is controlled in 10 thousand yuan; Soviet period consumed the share of a piece of objective that total company issues jointly by bank of another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian short for Zhejiang Province 1933, par value also is 1 yuan at that time, current market price is controlled for 8000 yuan.
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