Village of Dai nationality of popularity of art of papermaking of Cai human rel
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Already had 1800 historical the Chinese nation one of 4 big inventions -- , art of Cai Lun papermaking, in industrial civilization be contaminated falls however still the Dai village of border land of popular Yu Zhongmian.

Mengding of autonomous county of the Va nationality of Dai nationality of Yunnan province brighting horse presses down awn round village, domestic home compound is putting what bamboo of a platoon makes to copy paper wearing. This year, papermaking of handiwork of skin of compose of awn round village is included first national form directory of immaterial culture bequest.

Focus: Yunnan saves Zhang Shicai of deputy director general of bureau of culture of the city that face dark blue to tell a reporter: "Technological process and manufacturing technology master easily and operate, all working procedure are manual work, and papermaking equipment divides an iron bowl outside, it is the bamboo wood appliance of use local materials and block completely, it is the distinction with papermaking of skin of Meng Ding compose and contemporary papermaking the oldest method.

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