Developed country restaurant offers paper of woodiness former oar to will displ
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More wealthy person pays attention to environmental protection more here, if advanced restaurant provides paper of woodiness former oar, can displease genteel deadbeat -- protective environment is in the developed country is the concept that is accepted generally not only, and what become the identity gradually is indicative.

Go this New Zealand makes an on-the-spot investigation, feeling is quite much. Over there blue sea blue sky, picturesque scenery. Street two side are growing a lot of ginkgo to cultivate, leaf the regular form like that fan, always offend so that I pick up it case, put in control. Xie Gan does the ginkgo of Beijing, appear very vicissitudes of life. Of the olivine of ginkgo leaf olivine of New Zealand, resemble just break ground and the tender page that give.

The natural resources of the heat of the earth's interior of New Zealand is very substantial. Having filminging " ring king " in the woods, straight thrust of fir of one plant individual plant horizons. Fir is one kind grows to be cultivated adagio originally, and the fir that just passed 100 years old here, unexpectedly outstretched arm holds 3 people in the arms to come nevertheless. The climate with damp warmth of this profit from, especially resource of the heat of the earth's interior. In village of gross profit culture, I saw the fountain of the heat of the earth's interior of moving heart soul. That develops the rolls heat blast of the sky continuously, let me be experienced indeed, new Zealand is a be worthy of the name " hot earth " .

God is especially other to New Zealand bestow, we can look at be envious only, but the consciousness that New Zealand the whole nation takes environmental protection seriously, can learn however.

Gross profit village has a magma pool that risking bubble, after the magma in pond passes desulphurization, turned unique eruption range into film. I do not go up in him face the thing with similar daub, cannot help trying eruption face film however. The following day, the skin really bright is slippery, exquisite a lot of. A few does this huge magma pool have rice is deep, its accumulate contained enormous economic benefits, in me this person that does not know economy looks, also be inestimable. If Chinese which place has such magma pool, be afraid dig the ground 3 feet also want " become useless to be treasure " , the New Zealander does not think so however. Say according to local, eruption face film is exported far from, use for compatriots only.

New Zealand is a forest cover the state with very high rate, everywhere the awaken of spring is abundant, lian Xiaocao is so green that Lian Xiaocao make the person's key point, the raw material can be found everywhere of papermaking, but New Zealand pays attention to paper spare details is surprising however. Every strong water in the toilet has clear sign on switch, after relieve oneself " by need to use " . The bumf in the toilet is pulled, although very forcibly, also can tear down " two units " , a bit " cheap " do not want to occupy. But unlike we use daily in home the sort of, loosen gently, how long should have how long. After considering carefully, discover just now, the runner shaft of bumf box was become by the design elliptic, be intention fine suffering really.
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