Technical communication: Do not do informal discussion of character of glue lab
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Label of not dry glue goes to the lavatory because of using and be used extensively by social all trades and professions. Look from the market that in last few years our country does not do glue label, the consumption of label of not dry glue is in rapid growth, have very great market potential. Expand ceaselessly as what use a field, high to doing the requirement of glue label function to also be reached to complex, diversity spirit refines direction to develop.

Do not work the construction of glue label material

Material of label of not dry glue by agent of exterior base material, bind, prevent stick paper or prevent mucous membrane 3 element are formed. The basis uses purpose and utility, combine through what differ producible a label material that satisfies a variety of function requirements.

1. Bind agent. According to label it is permanent after be stuck in commodity or be being affixed, must uncover, or be after be being uncovered, affix again, can be bind agent cent permanent bond (strong sticky) model, uncover again (weak sticky) model and heavy sticky model 3 kinds.

2. Prevent stick paper, prevent mucous membrane. Prevent stick paper, prevent mucous membrane prevent agglutinant, surface flowing sex, be able to bear or endure stability of warp sex, dimension and model cut treatment the character such as comfortable sex is crucial. If Japanese Lintec company still can be produced,facilitate useless old paper retexture and the not dry glue that does not undertake polyethylene laminating is prevented stick paper.

3. Exterior base material. Be worth to raise commodity to add, when choosing label material, the most important is the exterior base material that chooses label correctly. Not only should satisfy color, simple sense and design requirement, even contented hear resistance, be able to bear or endure the condition such as ability in swimming. In addition, get used to diversification to presswork even, the requirement of the means that print.

Those who prevent mucous membrane is exterior base material, characteristic

1. The sort of paper base material and feature

Hectograph paper: Presswork, the blame coated paper with treatment comfortable good sex, give priority to with 64g / M2, also have 81.4g / M2, the chromatic hectograph paper of 104.7g / M2.

Paper of art paper, coating: In coating of coating of art paper surface, comfortable at advanced presswork with.

Vitreous face paperboard: Compare with photograph of paper of art paper, coating raised paper smoothness and glossiness further, appear more high-grade.

Aluminum foil paper: It is on the paper with taller smoothness compound very thin aluminum foil piece, have aureate, argent (glazed, inferior smooth) etc a variety of.

Second birth paper: The mix into in raw material has waste paper, but do not affect printability, belong to environmental protection product. Some enterprises (be like Japanese Lintec company) the second birth paper that does not do glue surface base material to use 100 % , the product obtained ECO-MARK(green to indicate) maintain.
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