Prevent the application that bogus paper tastes
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The number that using at present prevents bogus, printing ink to prevent bogus, optics to defend all sorts of technologies preventing bogus such as bogus in, the method that paper defends bogus is relatively handy and applicable and get gradually the favour of numerous manufacturer, provided broad market to prevent bogus paper to taste.

Without film holographic the dark paper that prevent bogus. Ration can be divided for 50 - 350g/m2, use without the filmy, easy degradation, design that prevent bogus implicit type design, glossiness of this paper surface exceeds aluminum foil paper, PET, polyester to get together paper of face of aluminous film lens, presswork adaptability is good, coating and design are acid-proof alkaline, be able to bear or endure benzine, be able to bear or endure alcohol is wiped, percent defective and presswork difficulty is mixed under aluminum foil paper greatly lens face paper.

Magnetism prevents bogus paper. There is clear magnetic pattern in becoming paper, magnetic material powder is joined in pulp, the appearance that presses magnetism board design when pulp and magnetic powder is embedded and magnetic in the paper that prevent bogus, magnetism is pulverous, should pass 200 eye sieve, still answer coloring.

Exceed paper of ionic medium special type. This paper is the nuclear physics device that uses a country to accuse only large heavy ionic accelerator, ion small hole technology and papermaking craft be in harmony are the 4th generation of an organic whole to defend bogus product, because weigh ionic accelerator to be accused only by the country, and other any instrument equipment all cannot achieve his to prevent bogus technology index, so from go up at all put an end to make a holiday.

Veined paper. Coloured fiber is scattered in white pulp, cause macroscopical, the veined paper of grain design clarity, again will print the label that prevent bogus, in stocking specialized computer to prevent bogus system database to the grain image of label, the product is stuck on after this kind of label, the client can pass a telephone call, electrograph or Internet enter a database, check label objective grain, differentiate commodity true bogus.

Add fluorescent fiber paper. Will fluorescent material is being caught go up in chemical fiber carrier, make this kind of fluorescent fiber into fluorescent fiber paper according to certain proportion, the surface looks and common paper is same, but the violet smooth lamp that should go up via bogus of ancient bronze mirror only is illuminated, the fluorescent fiber that adds in paper presents a blue instantly, the application in the production of this kind of technology in stamp paper is more.

Laser black-and-white prevents paper of bogus special type. Grace via be being contained specially the Tu Bufu of adhesive grants its defend bogus performance, coated paper of this kind of special type is acted the role of add grace design, the dissolve after classics laser is printed in paper, won't wait because of attrition, scratch and disappear.
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