Art of papermaking of a warlike general takes the mystery that passes outside 4
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A war takes papermaking skill the west side of little playing cards is typographic spread everywhere to Europe

Chinese refugee reachs papermaking art area Korea, "Gao Li paper " love truly into guest of Chinese bookman Chinese ink instead

In the 4 big inventions of Chinese ancient time, papermaking art transmits other country the earliest.

The Christian era 105 years, cai Lun of eunuch of the Eastern Han Dynasty improved the method of papermaking, xianghan and emperor present paper, the paper on truly economic sense begins to appear. The Christian era one years this 105 years, be considered as a particular year that papermaking art originates generally.

After Cai Lun improves papermaking method, paper begins to be applied extensively. Two Chinese alternant during, large quantities of China common people swarm into Korea peninsula in disorder to avoid. Papermaking technology is passed there subsequently. 20 centuries 60 time, once had discovered in the one place barrow of Korea peninsula contain the Western Han Dynasty always only then 3 years (BC 14 years) the paper of model of written characters, the earliest clear proof that outside becoming the Chinese papermaking method that exact time can be taken an examination of, passes.

The Christian era 7 centuries evening, new Luo Wangchao unites Korea peninsula. After this, face of new Luo Quan absorbs Tang Wen to change, sent large quantities of student studying abroads to go to China study scholar learns and Chinese culture, also ever was in in the cany paper with mass-produced Tang Dynasty the opportunity of survival of recovery of period of Gao Li dynasty of Korea. Produce from Korea peninsula " Gao Li paper " thick hold out draw together, suit to write all sorts of scripts, be called " China and foreign countries the first " . Su Dongpo of home of famous painting and calligraphy, Huanggong looks at Chinese ancient time to wait for a person with Dong Jichang, very love to use " Gao Li paper " .

In come from period of Chinese the Three Kingdoms Tang Chao in this paragraph of time, on Korea peninsula new collect, the country such as 100 aid fills the bridge that travels to Japan when Chinese culture all the time. Also Zhu Guodong of by Korea peninsula passes Japan the technology such as Chinese papermaking. Times of Japanese Nai fine is mixed with the hand seep through of river door times paper process and Chinese papermaking technology although operating sequence is different, but each has his strong point. In this around, papermaking technology of China also passed and other places of Vietnam, Kampuchea early or late. The Christian era 9, 10 centuries, papermaking technology of China passes the Silk Road again pass on the west, ancient India had classics of buddhism of the black-and-white that use paper to coil from now on.

Artisan of papermaking of China of Arabia empire captive, art of papermaking of European painter spirit away

The Christian era 751 years, gao Xianzhi of Tang Chao general rate army and feed greatly (Arabia is Caesarean) patrol of Da of town of military importance of Yu Zhongya of encounter of general Sha Li this (today the river of Kazakstan Si Tan is Boer) . In hassle, as a result of Tang Jun army of medium the Western Regions happens revolting, tang Jun be defeated. Da patrol Si Zhi is afterwar, the partial papermaking craftsman in Tang Jun by Arabia army captive. Sha Li takes these craftsman in inferior town of military importance Sa Maer rarely, let them impart papermaking technology, built the papermaking field that Arabia empire produces hemp paper the first times. In Da patrol this the Tang Dynasty that is captured in battle is famous the nephew Du Huan of historian Du You, later flounder homecoming. In his memoir, ceng Di and Chinese craftsman impart the historical fact of Arab papermaking art.
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