1 piece of rice paper, 108 simple manual working procedure
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[Nanjing daily reports] will come 12 days on September 10, "The section of country culture travel of Chinese the four treasures of the study " hold in city of announce of town of military importance of culture of the history austral Anhui. Below the arrangement of announce city government, the reporter has favour seek by inquiry the world in remote mountains of county of announce city short for the Jinghe River is the greatest rice paper produces base -- factory of rice paper of county of short for the Jinghe River. Here up to now still continue to use is worn what Ming Qingfan fills period to produce rice paper is all 108 simple manual working procedure, and regard confidential key as the unit, even if is concessionary those who look around to also can see rice paper is produced only is final 3 measure.

Paper mill location is just as a haven of peace

Town of county giving short for the Jinghe River all the way south it is the route that takes hill all right. According to local history annals, clansman of when Northen Song Dynasty Cao hides into this big hill to begin papermaking, the border here that Ming Qingfan fills hill civilian already was a papermaking. After a valley that enters group of hill to be held in the arms partly, the green on the hillside disappeared, those who replace is the thing of big yellow white. One of raw material that this is rice paper -- Sha Tian is straw. They should go up in the hillside insolation drench 10 months, until turn into from golden color white like batt fiber.

Whole plant area depends on hill and build, halcyon and mysterious. "This spring that flows calls Wu Xi. " the factory does be like a lady to pointing to bridge indelicacy water to introduce to the reporter, rice paper production is quite high to the requirement of environment, because this is chosen,be between remote mountains. Turbidity of this black brook is 0, and temperature is very low, the rice paper that with this kind water production comes out just " if Bai Ruxue, continous silkses " . The reporter understands, in the factory in all 600 papermaking worker, 650 tons of rice paper are produced every year in this a haven of peace, the majority sells past Japan and southeast Asia, annual produce 50 million RMB.

3 working procedure are stunt

Stem from confidential need, very long period of time, this factory has a code name of 542 only. And the reporter obtains what Xu Can watchs also is rice paper figuration only is final 3 paces.

The reporter sees above all make scoop up paper. Those who put full pulp before scooping up groove, the bamboo shade side that two masters station uses a rectangle in both ends is worn go down toward the dip in groove, immediately winkle, raise hanging screen, a piece of whole rice paper falls on paper wearing, whole process has 10 much seconds only. Rice paper Bao Houquan is carried in this one dip between. "Now is best working season. " a master that scooping up paper tells a reporter, to ensure feel, must wear solely arm is scooped up, water of brook of the black in groove is quite cool, when suffering of the coldest days of the year can'ts bear character.
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