British printer still sees prospective good situation in industry worry
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Presswork according to England Joint Industry Conference (BPIF) newest investigation shows, trade current situation makes British printer the person is careladen, but foreground is valued.

   Summertime prices is low confuse Christmas order to soar

According to investigation, suffer in 90 in seeking a company, 41 show last quarterly beneficial result difference and anticipate, as a result of,have a company even already " close down " and fail to feedback information. David Ross is opposite the writer economist of this findings report a few otherer the prospective development of the company also expresses deep-felt anxiety, suspect them whether can strong to 2009. What make a person delectable however is, as prices low the end of confused summer, a lot of presswork the company loosened tone, because arrive from now before christmas,will have a large number of pressworking order.

In whole survey, a lot of suffer the person that visit to expect future confidently the arrival of 3 months. Among them 59 companies that have profit are forecasted, weak force pound can promote export growth, because this did not come,the exit benefit of 3 months is valued, but only those who be less than a half suffer the person that visit to forecast export volume to be able to increase. Come as busy hiemal, a lot of companies forecast this will be a results quite the quarter of abundant. The yield that 64 companies that have profit believe to finish a quarter can increase, 63 companies that have profit think domestic order will increase. Conclude from this, profit is the key with hopeful foreground.

Careful investment sets remarks to improve efficiency again

Survey discovers, 11 companies that have profit plan to issueing a quarter to introduce new facility to build new plant. This result confirm a large number of press that have new installation cost about typographer. Among them, what be worth to be carried particularly is to be located in Luoqiesite (Dorchester) advantageous number pressworks company (Advantage Digital Print) installed printing machine of IGen4 of Shi Le of British head stage recently, and single sale of decision general Zhang (TransPromo) plan introduces inside small market; Image data set is round (ImageData) invested 6 million pound to buy a large number of new facility to make new figure presswork factory; Baikesiji is round last month (The Boxes Prestige Group) beautiful also principal introduces 2 to assemble printing machine of graceful Luo Lan.

In economic difficulty hour, meaning of this kind of investment is far-reaching. Ross thinks: "Investment is necessary strategy, because if be not thrown,can lag behind. Careful investment still can improve efficiency, reduce cost. Inevitable, presswork the company can replace facility in order to promote productivity. " the challenge that the abidance inside course of study invests to also show print still can withstand its place to be faced with and difficulty.
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