Japan pressworks to will amount to the history with extent of paper reduction of
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According to " Japanese economy news " report, enter since October, company of Japanese each papermaking in succession considerably reduction of output pressworks with what wait at throwaway and catalog with paper. September, be in when headquarters of Japanese papermaking group and princely papermaking are formal after lying between 8 years reduction of output, north jumped over papermaking company to enlarge the extent of reduction of output. Begin from October, king papermaking company and company of papermaking of 3 water chestnut also decide to take step of new reduction of output. Use paper requirement as the market quick reductive countermeasure, the range of reduction of output that predicts each firm will achieve the history the most large-scale.

The cliff country that Japanese papermaking company belongs to with place factory (city of state of cliff of mountain pass county) with Shi Juan factory (city of Shi Juan of Gong Cheng county) wait for 4 mainstays business to be a center, home pressworks with paper average every lunar general reduction of output 55 thousand tons, extent of reduction of output exceeds 30% . According to saying, this company goes never lunar reduction of output surpasses 50 thousand tons record. The plan of reduction of output September enlarged 25 thousand tons for 22 thousand tons later at the outset.

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