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On October 6, 2008, american Department of Commerce issues an announcement, turn over dumping administration review a case to be cut into parts eventually to originating in small tissue of China to make formerly. Fosan Sansico limited company (Foshan Sansico Co. , ltd) , starlight group limited company (Samsam Productions Limited) , limited company of Guangzhou Baxi presswork (Guangzhou Baxi Printing Products Co. , limited) , Guilin Samsam, PT Grafitecindo, PT Printec, PT Printec II, utama, sansico, limited company of products of Vietnam Quijiang paper (Vietnam Quijiang Paper Co. , ltd) prove its are inside investigation period was not exported to the United States and sell experience case product, american Department of Commerce also did not examine the record that to afore-mentioned enterprises United States of investigation period introversion inputs experience case product through custom, accordingly, decide the reexamine that cancels afore-mentioned pair of enterprises is investigated. American Department of Commerce discovers industry of paper of Guilin neat peak limited company (Yuan Guilin paper mill) (Guilin Qifeng Paper Co. , ltd) the product that is in United States of investigation period introversion to input does not belong to the product inside levy limits, because this decision cancels the reexamine investigation to its. American Department of Commerce rules, industrial limited company of Hong Kong Max Fortune (Max Fortune Industrial Limited/Max Fortune (FETDE) Paper Products Co. , ltd) dumping profit margin is 0.

On April 27, 2007, american Department of Commerce undertakes to originating in small tissue of China formerly reexamine is investigated the 2nd times turning over dumping administration. Reexamine is investigated period for on March 1, 2006 ~ on Feburary 28, 2007. Encode of custom of experience case product is 48023000, 48025400, 48026100, 48026200, 48026900, 48043900, 48064000, 48083000, 48089000, 48119000, 48239000 with 95059040.

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