Klaus will roll out the machine of X-Jet plate making that suits to be brushed w
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Klaus (Krause) release on the Ifra fair that the company holds this month at expressing to will be in recently it is printing machine of anhydrous of Gao Bao Cortina only and the machine of new-style X-Jet plate making of the design.

The machine of this X-Jet plate making of this company has been in the first user of printing machine of Gao Bao Cortina -- Germany is upper presswork famously enterprise -- over there got applied successfully, and fill this company is in produce the inadequacy that can go up.

Klaus the company claims oneself had been had a series of presswork for newspaper only domain and the machine of violet laser plate making of the design and develop machine, and the range that entered anhydrous CTP agency again now.

As a modular plate making machine, of X-Jet cover an area of an area to be 3205x1700mm, machine of its automatic page make-up can contain 600 printing plate at most, can machine 200 forme hourly.

As we have learned, x-Jet will have 4 different version, can mix with satisfying an user to be produced to differring the requirement of systematic cost.

In addition, x-Jet is returned as can compatible as the NetTrack of Marks-3Z develop machine and Klaus and photograph of Servace Gateway interface, because this can ensure,equipment and this company whole world maintain those who serve a service department is close together be linked together.

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