Beautiful eminent undertakes transforming to newspaper plane of Swedish SCA comp
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Beautiful eminent company will be right 5 machine have mill of paper of Ortviken of company of Swedish SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB upgrade transform. Transformed purpose is the efficiency that increases paper chance, crop and product quality. Predict will move at switching on the mobile phone by 2009. Contract total amount exceeds 5 million euro.

Transform content to include to will carbonado cadre transmission system transforms electric machinery straight drive, add new VAC roller and moving sex part for stoving ministry. Compress the ministry is transformed also be inside the limits that offer money, the purpose is making paper process at improvement and improve moving performance. Additional, still will undertake redesigning to system of vapour condenser water, in order to improve paper quality.

Ortviken paper mill 5 newspaper aircraft move at switching on the mobile phone 1985. Paper machine fabric width 9.3 meters, speed 1400 meters / cent, produce per year a quantity 240 thousand tons. Beautiful Zhuo Ceng undertakes several times transforming to this machine. Finished 2007 recently.

SCA is things of consumption of a globalization and paper company. Its business includes to nurse the development of paper of the things, bumf, things that pack, culture and wood, production and sale. The company has marketing in 90 many countries and area. 2007, sale makes an appointment with 106 billion Sweden Ke Lang (11.4 billion euro) . At the beginning of 2008, the company has employee nearly 50 thousand.

Beautiful eminent is company of technology of project of a globalization, to make ore deposit of oar papermaking, cliff treatment, the sources of energy and other industry client provide a service. 2007, company clean sale makes an appointment with 6 billion euro, employee 27000 people, distributing to be mixed at 50 many countries area.

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