Cost issue still is perplexing oar paper industry of the United States
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The price with paper and chipboard higher product and sale make American most paper and forest products company are in the sales revenue of the 2nd quarter raised nearly 2 billion dollar 2008. Nevertheless, fuel price is elevatory as slow as economic growth make cost raises, income is reduced.
The accrual of the 2nd quarter of 27 paper of American that trade publicly and forest products company and photograph comparing reduced 17.7 % 2007. These 27 firms increase 2.8 % total profit margin is little.

To most company, higher devoted cost can make profit cut, although most paper is planted the price is higher. However, in later period main devoted cost already began to drop, because oil price falls from every pails of 140 dollars,this is 114 dollars, at the same time fiber price also begins to drop from March. These elements include the alterable cost that is in a factory in the center, and have higher proportion.

The president of Wausau Paper holds CEO concurrently to say: "The high-energy source price of record-breaking and fiber price make we were in first half of the year 2008 the investment of cost respect raised 37 million dollar compared to the same period.
In these 27 companies, with photograph of the 2nd quarter was compared 2007, the home announces earnings increases or 15 rebound to accrual from deficit.

12 companies announce to have inferior yield, although have a few companies,ascribe of heavy state small profit is not successional manage and asset sells.

Generally speaking, higher product price and collocation of better line of the products cannot offset of demand seasonal reduce and the sources of energy and fiber price climb the powerful momentum that rise stage by stage, but the accrual of an enterprise depends on greatly its product line. Coated paper and lumber product company are in this first quarter suffer from lacks cash.

6 companies announce with photograph of the 2nd quarter was compared 2007 the corresponding period has inferior sale this year, these 6 companies are Caraustar, neenah Paper, smurfit-Stone, temple-Inland, wausau Paper and Weyerhaeuser.

Considering the economy that continues to maintain inferior growth, enterprise of most United States observes the 3rd quarter with the insight that contains certain level uncertainty, they are hopeful once the circumstances changes,think, 2007, begin between 2008 reorganization and cost is reduced will conduce to an enterprise locating better.

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