Japanese papermaking industry raises newspaper price once more
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The each papermaking company such as Japanese papermaking, princely papermaking raised the requirement that newspaper rises in price once more to each newspaper office recently. Princely papermaking begins to raise price from October 17.4% , king papermaking, medium jump over pulp industry, bolus to live papermaking 3 companies begin to raise price from November 17.4% , company of Japan's biggest papermaking of papermaking enterprise Japan will begin to raise price in January from next year 13% .

Japanese newspaper is in when after lying between 28 years make an appointment with at just will raising price this year in April 5% , however the violent wind of the raw material such as waste paper and wood chip and fuel price rises make papermaking enterprise manages a state to worsen. And on the other hand each newspaper office decreases as a result of ad demand wait for a reason, management situation also incline to is austere, to newspaper carry valence to express to object strongly once more. Both sides is very inaccessible to this consistent. Although crude price will achieve peak hind in July somewhat fall after a rise, but, the price with wood chip, coal fired still resides the waste paper that takes raw material and most of fuel cost cost not to fall high, because of this Japan each papermaking company can rely on raise product value to manage the crisis in order to alleviate only.

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