Talented woman Xue Tao -- the paper that spreads fragrant through the ages art
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Shanghai beautiful rich has well of Xue Tao of one tourist attraction on the meeting, there are talented woman Xue Tao and poets to drink together in scene the scene that makes a poetry. To Xue Tao tourist of its thing great majority may not know its person very, but to papermaking worker or book painters, the likelihood is not quite unfamiliar.

According to " Fang Yusheng sees " account: In Tang Shi period, “ yuan and first, tao Hong of Sichuan prostitute Xue is spent with paper industry, make 10 kinds of small writing paper, renown Xue Tao writings paper, yi Mingshu writings paper. ” " Xue Tao close-up " the cloud: “ billows, live abroad stops 100 beautiful pools, bend forward write scarlet small letter, cut annotation into parts to offer chant, dinner party virtuous outstanding, the Xue Tao that calls when writings paper. ”

The 1000 many Xue year ago billows not only can make a poetry, still be good at calligraphy, have friendly intercourse with bookman poet at ordinary times very close, press quality of its person culture is very high for today's word. Want everyday in her life and contact with of paper Chinese ink, ask to papery nature is very specific also, not only requirement paper quality Chinese ink of exquisite, be in harmony flexibly, there is color on the vision even, have figure. And the paper magnify of Sichuan is coarser at that time and colour and lustre is drab, cannot satisfy the requirement of civil people far, xue Tao makes excellent paper plant with respect to him consideration.

Manual papermaking technology is quite sophisticated, want to have good papermaking raw material already, want to have good water again. Fortunately Chengdu area teems with the raw material such as bamboo, hemp, cotton rose, again the wash with wonderful water quality spends a brook, this brook water contains iron to measure content of low in suspension little, hardness is not tall, copy go to the paper whiteness that go out is smooth, the lubricious neither that institute of “ every paper takes changes and beneficial light admires. ” Xue Tao is in wash beautiful brook bank of 100 beautiful pools bought a house first, waited for neighbour with well-known poet Du Shaoling. Employed craftsman to run papermaking mill next.

The product that she designs is one kind facilitates write the annotation paper with poem, long appropriate width, it is one couch with dicker, use very convenient. Xue Tao catchs the principle of paper with yellow Bi Xie according to forefathers, it is raw material with lotus, boil lotus is joined to spend end way after rotting, paper of production color commentary. Xue Tao Jian has 10 kinds of color: Scarlet, pink, apricot pink, bright yellow, light yellow, deep blueness, shallow blueness, deep He Jianyun of green, verdigris 10 kinds. Xue Tao returns utility to brush treatment method to make lubricious paper. She takes dye in safflower, rejoin sizing material makes up coating besmear to be on paper. This kind of besmear brushs treatment and photograph of traditional macerate coloring method to compare, managing dye, reduced cost. So, xue Tao also is considered as Tu Bu to machine the author of paper.
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