Write in paper life: On the west information of paper of man-made of call togeth
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Having a kind of craft use papermaking, very primitive, since ancient times inheritance. Having a kind of life is to be written in paper, very austere, extend is ancient changeless. Have a flock of people follow forefathers, day answer day, lunar answer month, year answer year, opening a piece of Zhang Bai's lubricious paper, also opening one every day the life. Old craft relies on their both hands hold together and inheritance, white paper is written full the years of their papermaking.

A sunshine is bright day, I had village of Xing Zaiman call together to see this kind of craft. It is reported, meng of Meng sea county mixes a town graceful sweep a village appoint meeting the masses of group of villager of graceful call together is double edition accept uses this kind of skill on the west, making this kind of paper, live the crowd of this kind of life.

Walk into a courtyard agreement the home in, see a low stool of cany thin bamboo strip that sits in a small circle about go up, both hands holds weight of a wood each, in thick about 20 centimeters, the thing that the diameter keeps beating similar gray dishcloth on about 60 centimeters log chopping block, give out the noise of ” of Beng of “ Beng Beng. The another horn of the courtyard, below sunshine, his wife is wearing straw hat, sit before the short pool of build by laying bricks or stones of a cement, coiling double sleeve is churning repeatedly in Chi Li the thing of shape of white, velvet. There is cement floor in the courtyard of square of 50 square metre, a platoon is about 50 centimeters wide, long casing is basking in the about 1 wood of rice to go up in the floor, young scrutiny just discovers the one side in wooden casing is nailing a gauze or glue gauze, there is the matter of account of a white, end on gauze, in sunshine next beamed appearing shining white.

Drop double weight, wave panted about, told me simply the technological process of papermaking.

This kind of paper calls “ to pull gauze ” in Dai language, raw material is the bark of the tree that “ Guo gauze calls ” in language of a kind of Dai, “ pulls gauze ” meaning to use the paper ” that Guo gauze bark builds for “ . The bark raze that particular way is a denude cuticular layer of green, leave fiber bast of white only, its insolation hind takes place stand-by. When doing, be these cutcha bark first in water immerse night, its scoop morrow general to be put in bowl of a big iron to boil, a boiler boils 10 kilograms commonly, what mix into wants to come out into the sieve when boiling is fine fine fire is grey, boil sodden bark quickly so. Boil on 3 to 4 hours later, take it in water to be rinsed repeatedly, reach igneous ash its a few impurity are rinsed clean, take then exert all his strength to chopping block beat, beat the bark that assumes wet cloth position into velvet shape, finer better. Beat finishing hind, pour the bark that submits velvet form into the agitate in water, scoop up the impurity that exists possibly at the same time. At that time, these bark became bark thick liquid, pour them in the wooden casing of gauze having a net again, move back and forth in water, shake, wait for after they are even raising wooden casing from Shui Zhongduan, after filter clean water, bark oar is with respect to adsorption on net gauze. Next basking in place wooden casing in burning sun, after insolation, bark oar also became bark paper, uncover it from wooden casing. A piece of in good condition “ pulled gauze ” to also be born.
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