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Mu Rusi imprints classics courtyard holds water at 20 centuries 80 time, it is Tibet at present an only sutra pressworks factory. Imprint classics courtyard uses old engraving to presswork, the engraving of 128 thousand rectangle that hides sutra of 320 Tibet article.

Mu Rusi imprints classics courtyard is located in Lhasa downtown, the believer that comes from and other places of Tibetan each district and Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu Province to hide an area often buys Tibet here article sutra, they a collection cost.

According to introducing, each forme hard-earned, arrive from select material presswork to have a trival, rigid operating rules. Arrange the lumber that does not have scar continuously choicely, cut of suitable wood grain is 110 centimeters long, 70 centimeters wide picture edition He Changkuan is 66-70 respectively centimeter, 11-18 centimeter book edition, thick 3 centimeters, top leaves 10 centimeters long handle. Low baking temperature of these embryo edition classics are fumed dry, in the soak in ovine dung one winter, take out boil with water, the ability after stoving plane can undertake engraving. What engrave lection to relapse by Tibetan article Mingshi first nuclear school, note reversely directly by calligrapher again at embryo edition Fu Ke, or after be being written with translucent paper, stick at embryo edition Fu Ke instead. Do not give a mistake to make sure quarter profundity is good, can carve a few words only everyday, around classics for many times strict careful school. Read and correct proof is not had by accident forme is put in ghee to immerse one day, after taking out insolation, ability considers forme of a finished product finishing.

Result from devotional to religious extreme, mu Rusi imprints classics courtyard handles each process strictly clinking. From only then since, presswork inside the courtyard use a kind of rich fiber, careless root that takes noxiousness the handmade paper Tibetan the ground that Pete makes, paper scene is small yellow, water imbibition, flexibility is strong, and insect-resistant to bite of rat of eat by moth, long Tibet is not bad. With Chinese ink respect, important and classical uniform presswork with Zhu Sha, the others chooses the general smoke ink stick with classy Chinese ink made from pine soot or white birch fumigated bark. To reform Chinese ink pledges, return mix into to wait into ginseng of fingered citron of agglutinant medicinal material, colophony. As a result of the development of modern technology, cang Wenyin is brushed, computer software pressworking the be current in the industry, but Mu Rusi imprints classics courtyard still holds to old tradition, maintain manual operation.

On July 2, the worker imprints like the temple in Lhasa wood classics courtyard arranges sutra an album of paintings or calligraphy.

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