White corrupt bacterium -- the star of future of industry of the papermaking tha
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White corrupt bacterium is to belong to bacterium of a carring pole inferior the fungus of the door, show white because of decayed lumber and get a name, be can degradation lumber bases (cellulose, lignin and semi-cellulose) microbial one of. Lumber still keeps complete in fiber of the much in white corrupt process, and cellulose crystallization spends change not quite. Imagine from this use alternative to degradation lignin good white corrupt bacterium undertakes biology makes a starch, can the new approach that open up makes oar method. White corrupt bacterium besides can degradation lignin is used at managing beforehand, biology is blanched, biology makes a starch outside, biology of organic to other different also has character very strong decompose ability, there also is wide applied perspective in useless water treatment consequently.

Bacterium of 1 white corrupt is making the application of phase of oar papermaking pretreatment

Use up to reduce the sources of energy that make a starch, white corrupt bacterium can be relied on to undertake decomposing mixing to lignin before making a starch modified, what pass with the choice is microbial education radical undertakes pretreatment to raw material. Be opposite through white corrupt bacterium the pretreatment of raw material, 50% what the phase after can be being reduced makes oar specific power consumption, and fiber intensity function (burst index) also get improvement.

Pretreatment of white corrupt bacterium makes an oar not only in woodiness material applied research is more among the oar, oar raw material is made in blame woodiness (wait like bulrush, bagasse, sisal, Jute) pretreatment makes the application in the oar research is likewise extensive.

Can see, pretreatment of white corrupt bacterium is mixed in sulfate law, alkaline law, rigid standard caustic soda - land of OK and different level reduces the cost that make a starch in the method making a starch such as anthracene Kun law, improve paper quality. But bacterium is planted choose difficulty and pretreatment cycle longer it is the biggest obstacle that restricts application of white corrupt bacterium, large-scale application still needs the breakthrough of related side technology at making oar pretreatment.

Bacterium of 2 white corrupt makes a starch

It is OK to use white corrupt bacterium the character of degradation lignin, semi-cellulose and cellulose, white corrupt bacterium is making oar papermaking the application of each link got very extensive research, but use white corrupt bacterium to make a starch directly rarely seen however report. Choose lesser without influence or influence to cellulose extremely alternative bacterium plants tall white corrupt to handle raw material to make a starch directly is a new research way. 20 centuries 90 time end, japanese Kobe makes steel place apply white corrupt bacterium to often press next decomposing in normal temperature lumber makes a high grade pulp successfully. Make choice of is appropriate temperature, can decompose a lignin of 80% , reduced than cost of law of oar of generalization eductional systme 50% . Bacterium of this kind of white corrupt is right of lignin take off except decompose rate is extremely high, and to pulp fiber medium cellulose is decomposed few, can make pulp must be led so be as high as 60% , exceed 50% what chemical law gets an oar to lead. Calculate accordingly, the wastage of lumber but managing 1/9. This kind of method that make a starch will be the enormous challenge that sends regulatory oar means. Same, bacterium of long, white corrupt chooses the cycle that make a starch the biggest obstacle that difficulty is mass production.
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