Hong Kong will be issued " Chinese ancient time 4 big inventions " special stamp
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Hong Kong of Xinhua News Agency special zone of electric Hong Kong is postal on July 25 will issue the special stamp that with “ China ancient time one set ” of 4 big inventions is subject matter on August 18.

Ren Hong of postal arrange long Jiang expresses Hong Kong special zone 25 days, a stamp of 4 different denomination shows invention of 4 revolutionary science and technology of Chinese: Compass (a yuan quadrilateral) , typographic (binary quadrilateral) , gunpowder (3 yuan) reach papermaking art (5 yuan) .

This covers a stamp to be designed by Wang Huming, print with offset technology.

Jiang Renhong says, this stamp showed the Chinese all-time success in ancient time adequately. Compass is an important scientific invention, it is Chinese explorer navigation, make them safe transit sea is mixed and distance earth. The bright firework that makes with gunpowder is since many centuries adorn night sky for us. Papermaking art and inchoate typographic improvement communication mode. The technology of these arrogant people also passes into other country and nation.

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