Time passes half task not half! Pollution of another name for Guangdong Province
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"Time passes half, the task not half! " Guangdong pollution decreases a platoon critical! The author understands from bureau of province environmental protection, at present Guangdong province pollutes the job that decrease a platoon to fail to achieve level sex goal. Up to in June 2008, save 2 oxidation sulfur and accumulative total of COD discharge capacity to decrease a platoon completely one hundred and seventeen thousand nine hundred tons mix fifty-six thousand eight hundred tons, dropped than 2005 respectively 9.11% with 5.41% , achieve the goal that decrease a platoon each 60.8% with 35.7% .

Only 9 city finish 2 oxidation sulfur and COD two tasks that decrease a platoon

As we have learned, on May 29, 2006, on July 21, guangdong saves a government to sign responsibility form with total bureau of former state environmental protection respectively. The plan arrives by 2010, save 2 oxidation sulfur, chemical oxygen demand completely (COD) discharge gross to be in cut down on the foundation 2005 15% , control respectively mix in 1.1 million tons 899 thousand tons of less than.

From the point of the whole nation, guangdong is saved 2 oxidation sulfur and year of chemical oxygen demand were cut down 2007 rate discharge the 11st in the whole nation to mix 15 respectively, rank countrywide moderate level only, lag behind at the province such as Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong (city) . In visitting town of above of 21 ground level completely, only 9 city are finished entirely 2 oxidation sulfur and COD reduced year twice 2007 a task, have 7 city half-baked 2 oxidation sulfur reduces a job, oxygen demand of 9 city half-baked chemistry reduces a job, still have Jie Yang, Qing Dynasty two index of 4 city did not finish far, luxuriant name, Zhan Jiang entirely.

Pollution decreased the lag of the platoon to affect the improvement of environmental quality not only, and the development that there is economy on certain level. According to statistic, came since September 18 last year this year on Feburary 21, because area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon carries out area environmental protection to be restricted to approve, examine and approve only build a project through 77, relatively last year the corresponding period (1794) dropped 95.7% .

Still have city of 1 ground level and sewage disposal rate of city of 44 counties class for 0

The author understands, COD decreases a task not to finish 1/3, sewage disposal establishment is owed especially develop the sewage treatment plant of the area is built particularly pressing.

Since integrated repair work carried out Pearl River in October 2002, I saved construction of sewage treatment plant to obtain great progress. According to statistic, up to this year in June, complete province shares sewage treatment plant 139, sewage day handles ability to be 9.4 million tons, in countrywide the first of all.
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