Remarkable COD discharges effect of sewage of river of Xuzhou processing Kui 13
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In recent years, jiangsu Xuzhou cites the strength of whole town, carried out with Kui river processing attachs most importance to foul water of dot, town construction of landscape of cut shedding, wadi those who give priority to body " project of green jade water " , make environment of Kui river water gets clear improvement, COD discharged gross 13 years to drop 92.7% . The Kui river two sides nowadays appears piece " peach blossom of the willow that place a bank, other people of little bridge running water " delightful scenery. Xuzhou city is obtained early or late in recent years " city of Chinese first-class travel " , " Jiangsu visits civilized town " wait for honorary title, traversed city of model of national environmental protection check and accept.

Kui river results from Xuzhou the city zone, xiang Na collects river of the Huaihe River via city of old state of the Anhui province, about 30 kilometers grow in Jiangsu churchyard, the town accept that is the model in water system of river of the Huaihe River corrupt river. Pollute a problem to solve Kui river thoroughly, going up early century 90 time metaphase, xuzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government put forward Qing Dynasty of qualitative change of Kui river water 3 period processing project goal: Qualitative change of water of upriver city section is clear, two sides becomes beautiful; Downstream water quality amounts to mark, the task of make known to lower levels of the country that finish.

Through contaminative processing of nearly 20 years, xuzhou city takes multinomial step, invest a large number of capital, undertake to enterprise of coastal number a hunderd schools point source pollution is administered early or late, to catchment part drainpipe the net undertakes transforming, all sewage are held back entirely enter tubal net, built day to handle 165 thousand tons Kui river sewage treatment plant. After processing is transformed, scale of industrial discharge of Kui river two sides from 65% drop to be not worth 10% , kui river appearance had essential sex to change, contaminant gross drops substantially, downstream water quality had improve apparently, the country accuses section all sorts of index detect reach national level.

To administer Kui river, serious to coastal pollution business carries out Xuzhou city close stop remove, close early or late stopped urban radio the 3rd paper mill of city of 4 factories, Xuzhou, paper mill of village of Yu of cupreous hill county and Qing Dynasty make the same score paper industry to wait for industry of 14 heavy pollution, removed beer of Xuzhou dissolvent factory, Qingdao (Xuzhou) the enterprise such as Peng Cheng limited company, washed out Jiangsu the dye product with serious pollution of share of company of group of dye of 4 water chestnut, year cut down COD to discharge a quantity to achieve many tons 6000, the sewage that discharges to industry enters sewage treatment plant entirely.
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