Area of Wuhan yellow Bei closes 6 paper mills 1 year
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Eve, board of inquiry of She water river street of mouth of She of area of edge yellow Bei paragraph before row, see all the way only the river water with appreciably yellow extensive, the reporter feels accident quite: A year many before, papermaking sewage of black often can appear when the river water here is returned.

"6 paper mills of yellow Bei area were shut entirely " , chief of bureau of area environmental protection says.

Spring 2006, our newspaper reporter ever the paper mill of side of river of the dark water that visit She. At that time with She water only the lie between Dong Long paper mill of one bank, through dark canal passes through levee, the papermaking sewage of black of will black black discharges She water river continuously. The river near sewage draining exit bestrews black floater on the face. Reporter investigation, she water river is coastal share 5 small paper mills at that time, or without treat corrupt establishment or establishment do not amount to mark. Papermaking sewage becomes the main pollution source of She water river.

Last year July, yellow Bei section becomes the job only class, investigate small papermaking enterprise to violate blowdown act lawfully. The branch such as area environmental protection, censorial, industrial and commercial, electric power, bank acts jointly, employ the artifice such as administration, economy, close the small paper mill with She water coastal river.

To this year in September, plant of product of industry of paper of paper mill of company of products of industry of roc Cheng paper, Dong Long, sanded star, beautiful can be plant of product of industry of the plant of paper industry product, paper that collect a source, yellow paper mill of 10 lis of canopy closes mouth of Bei area She entirely. So far, churchyard of yellow Bei area " small papermaking " flow into She water river " Hei Long " be broken by behead.

Meanwhile, yellow Bei area has been done actively for the enterprise find a place for the job. Bureau of area environmental protection is company of estate of roc Cheng paper to go up newly formalities of project conduction environmental protection; Strive for national allowance for 10 lis of the industry of the paper that collect a source that shut, paper mills; Industry of paper industry, can sanded new paper is in industry of paper of proposal Dong Long, beautiful old plant area builds project of energy-saving environmental protection.

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