Distant this world grants company of blowdown of iron artifice punish
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Finish to ensure " gross of main contaminant of distant in relief city decreases book of responsibility of platoon and target of distant river processing " medium each index task, a few days ago, decision of in relief municipal government of Liaoning province distant pollutes an enterprise to carry out to 74 shut ban, stop production processing and deadline processing.

As we have learned, in industry of these 74 pollution, be shut to ban have 25, stop production processing has 27, deadline processing has 22. And, these proprietor of an enterprises should distributing in this world of distant river distant paragraph coastal. Get actual effect to ensure, distant in relief municipal government asks: Provide dinner for rostellum impossibles? city, area) government, should order of according to law, to afore-mentioned pollution inside area under administration the enterprise is carried out shut ban, stop production processing and deadline processing. Ban an enterprise to want to adopt cut off the water supply, power cut, revoke to do business to shutting charter and demolish the coercive measures such as main production facilities, ensure close to close dead; Govern a business to stop production, want to undertake compulsively contaminative administering, half-baked processing task or the stop production that check and accept qualification without environmental protection bureau govern a business, must not resume production; Govern a business to deadline, should be in this year before the end of the year, task of the processing that finish, exam of inspect of branch of half-baked processing task or classics environmental protection accepts exceed the time limit unqualified, by the place government of area under administration turns to be administered for stop production; Did not finish the area that administers the task compulsively to exceed the time limit, by distant this world city censorial department finds out area under administration to concern the relevant responsibility of chief.

According to distant this world city is in charge of deputy mayor Chen Jiang to introduce, come nearly two years, distant in relief city is passed build sewage treatment plant, shut papermaking blowdown enterprise and processing to often pollute the comprehensive measure such as the source, make the water quality of distant river region of distant in relief city produced bigger improvement. Especially the papermaking enterprise that distant in relief city took the lead in shutting 40 not to accord with national industry policy in complete province, the company of bath printing and dyeing that still checks 29 to cannot amount to mark to discharge carried out stop production to administer, make distant river region main one of trunk stream prince river water quality gets further improvement. Distant in relief city basically assesses the monitoring result of section to make clear, of chemical oxygen demand year all be worth year after year to drop, had finished Liaoning to save the cause in shape of responsibility of assessment distant in relief city.
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