Prohibit building eletroplate the project publishs law of the most severe enviro
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Announce formally today without stannum edit by this city National People's Congress through " water of the town that do not have stannum environmental protection byelaw " . Concerned expert thinks, this is the strictest environmental protection law that at present Chinese local government publishs, the purpose depends on protecting too lake water environment.

Having stannum is China too the view with lake the most well-known area scenic spot area, also be China's famous manufacturing industry develops at the same time area. Happened last year too lake blue green alga erupts, ring the alarm bell that environment of water of this one area pollutes noisy.

On the press conference that holds today, wu Jianxuan of deputy mayor of the city that do not have stannum says, " water of the town that do not have stannum environmental protection byelaw " supplementary many provisions that reflect sex of local legislation innovation, prohibit clearly building, rebuild, extend chemistry makes oar papermaking, printing and dyeing, eletroplate etc arranges the business that contains the contaminant such as phosphor, nitrogen and project, the person that violate is highest be in 500 thousand amerce.

This byelaw was made clear first " compensatory environment loss " problem, to damaging the behavior of water environment badly, divide outside undertaking administration is punished, the person that still order duty recoups environmental loss, unit of blowdown exceeding bid must apologize publicly on news media, make environmental protection abide by the law acceptance. Emphasize all sewage draining exit fulfilling use unit, "Derelict " sewage draining exit is uniform seal. In the meantime, once the blowdown unit that the stop production that be instructed reorganizes discovers " discharge secretly " will punish million again yuan shut.

Use the balcony to discharge the common phenomenon of sewage in the light of resident, " byelaw " to building, the rain in transform and building construction corrupt billabong raises a requirement, avoid resident to use storm sewer to discharge sewage.

As we have learned, the city that do not have stannum from too lake blue green alga is large-scale erupt after causing crisis of serious water supply, this city already shut 1200 pollution to discharge what do not amount to mark up to now " 5 small " enterprise, 88 sewage treatment plant of whole town lead look of enlarge of preexistence whole nation to upgrade to one class A to discharge a standard, cut corrupt the end of the year tubal a network is added to 1550 kilometers, of all kinds sewage brings into tubal net to unite entirely discharge, processing of environment of level sex water obtains apparent effect.

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