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A few days ago, the reporter learns from branch of municipal environmental protection, papermaking industry adjusts Ningxia to already was finished entirely, because enterprise of nearly hundred wife and children papermaking is treated corrupt all up or compete because of be thrown feebly and quiting a trade, adjust this after finishing, to whole area pollution decreases a platoon to will have main effect.

It is reported, papermaking industry once was Ningxia area significant production domain, in flourishing period, ningxia municipality shares greatly small papermaking company many 160, but achieve enterprise of national dimensions definitive to have 7 only. Although these small papermaking are opposite every year,rate of municipal economy contribution has more than 200000000 yuan, but because the enterprise is treated corrupt do not amount to mark, discharged papermaking industrial waste water amounts to 70 million tons however, became whole area the tremendous barrier of environmental protection. As the promotion of the aggrandizement of national industry policy and environmental protection demand, my area begins from 2005, adopted " wipe away tears behead horse Su " the industry adjusts the strategy, in 50 thousand tons to producing per year dimensions the enterprise executed the following small-sized papermaking to fall into disuse stage by stage, whole last year area closes in all stop small papermaking company 29, stopped an enterprise to execute an industry to exit policy to these closing, partial enterprise changes the line of production establishment agriculture, partial enterprise exits industry to produce a field. This year, the municipality is on this foundation, to 47 short of scale of production or treat corrupt the papermaking enterprise that does not amount to mark executes an industry to exit make, have 11 companies additionally automatic transition, cashed thoroughly " industry of the papermaking inside the area that finish is adjusted and violate blowdown to administer a target with 3 years of time of half " earnest acceptance. Although these are made by force involve the papermaking company that stop or quits,produce certain effect to local economy gross, but from long-term look, can realize COD to decrease on the platoon 10 thousand tons, reduce more than 100000000 tons industrial water, the market after be being exited at the same time by large papermaking enterprise is fast and occupational inside the area, output of company of the 6 big papermaking inside the area and sales volume all have promotion this year, finished the industry inside the area to adjust with product market complete have sex.

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