Han Dan advances the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon to discharge an i
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"Although be faced with industrial economy to add fast put delay, ' maintain growth ' the task is formidable wait for pressure, but we are advanced energy-saving the job that reduces a platoon does not shake absolutely. " recently, when Zhao Guoling of mayor of Han Dan city accepts a reporter to interview, express, to finish " 915 " target of sex of the energy-saving tie that decrease a platoon, han Dan city in August the bottom comes on stage " about farther aggrandizement the opinion of energy-saving job " , " the opinion that reduces a job about strengthening main contaminant gross further " , from safeguard beneficial of people root capital and profit and long-term interests to set out, push the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon with all one's strength.

Save as Heibei exclusive economy of loop of level of a state is pilot city, han Dan city is in industrialized medium-term initiative phase, resource is depended on model the industry holds very large proportion, resources environment contradiction is highlighted. For this, han Dan city energy-saving decrease a platoon to serve as the focal point that reinforces macroscopical adjusting control currently, as tone warping aid structure, change develops the breach of means and important grasper. According to the requirement, specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP of Han Dan city should drop than last year this year 4.7% , discharge capacity of sulfur of chemical oxygen demand, 2 oxidation wants to be cut down than parting 2005 4.5% , 3.4% , discharge control quantity to be forty-eight thousand two hundred tons respectively, one hundred and ninety-five thousand seven hundred tons. To achieve this one goal, this city is banned to discharging an industry high cost, high to execute (be restricted) batch, determined live to discharge industrial entrance high cost, high. Han Dan city " annulus is judged " and " can judge " condition of the buy before serving as what the project examines and approve, go up newly the project must be abided by " 4 principles " , must accord with national industry policy namely, specific power consumption and discharge a standard to reach domestic advanced level, be helpful for reducing specific power consumption of GDP of the unit inside this area, there is environmental capacity inside this area; Accomplish stoutly " 4 are not approved " , the project that does not accord with national industry policy and urban development program namely is not approved stoutly, the industry that do not amount to prize enterprise or surpasses contaminant to discharge gross is not approved stoutly go up newly project, mark or the area that already did not have environmental capacity exceed not to approve the project that adds contaminant stoutly in environmental quality, do not approve the project that builds aggravating water pollution stoutly in the area that did not build town sewage treatment plant.

Low to raising a cost, specific power consumption the industry with tall, big discharge capacity, han Dan city asks to carry out an industry to exit group by group in installment, the industry that accords with national industry policy in order to develop carries out project of industry of new and high technology to replace especially. Current, the new and high technology that copies Zhang county to use Tsinghua university develops the clean project that make a starch to already had the capacity that produces 50 thousand tons of ecru starches, this project realized wheat straw to be used circularly not only, achieve 0 discharge, and solved effectively energy-saving decrease the contradiction between platoon and papermaking industry development.
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