Jiangxi pollutes serious business 14 times to be shut will be cut off the water
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Violate act to hit an environment, ensure environmental safety, advance complete province further main contaminant gross reduces a job, a few days ago, bureau of province environmental protection is given out " fall into disuse about polluting serious business to carry out to the part shut or the announcement that stop production administers " , the decision pollutes serious business to the part or product line is carried out fall into disuse shut or stop production processing.

According to concerned regulation, jiangxi saves environmental protection bureau to produce per year 10 thousand tons of the following, liquid waste to exceed the small paper mill that mark discharges for a long time to undertake falling into disuse to 6, it is respectively: The county that allow a country is flourishing paper of spring of greenery of county of Mt Jade of province of limited company, Jiangxi tastes paper industry county of paper mill of Hong Lei of county of hill of factory, lead, Nanchang is small mill of paper of mill of paper of spring of mouth of a cave of city of country of orchid paper mill, duckweed, Feng Xinxin grand. In the meantime, simple to facilities of 6 pollution processing, pollution serious, masses reflects strong company or product line undertakes shutting, it is respectively: Jiangxi inferior limited company asks industry of Fu Xiang drug of factory of food of spring of sword of county of limited company of beer of hill of tiger of dragon of city of rare industrial limited company, expensive brook, Li Chuan, Jingdezhen city his Xilinsheng produces acerbity easy on the west line, Jiangxi. Additional, return industry of pair of 10 thousand paper of Qing Lin carrying a county limited company, Jiangxi is rich new paper industry facilities of processing of these 2 liquid waste does not perfect limited company, the enterprise that cannot realize stability to amount to mark to discharge undertakes stop production is administered.

As we have learned, before washing out the business that close or product line to must be by this year October, fulfil cut off the water supply cut off the power wait for coercive measures; Production halts before stop production administers an enterprise to must be by this year October, without saving environmental protection bureau approval agrees or check and accept qualification, must not resume production.

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