Strive to return " 1000 lakes " beautiful praise Hubei drives water environmenta
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Recently, hubei province government comes on stage all-around water environment administers program, put forward clearly, to 2010, quality of the whole environment that visit water is improved apparently, do not lose " the province of 1000 lakes " beautiful praise.

Face grim water environment situation, hubei province puts forward " the environment is resource, zoology also is capital " . Last year, hubei province is begun " sewage disposal of report of mud of small papermaking, urine, small fire, city " special processing, complete province closes papermaking business lawfully (product line) 171 () , urine sludge company (product line) 91 () , group of small fire electric machinery 20.

"915 " since, hubei environmental protection increases the scope that prep above economy grows devotedly. " area of 3 gorge library and prevention and cure of upriver water pollution plan " the investment that finish 2.327 billion yuan, water pollution of area of 3 gorge library is prevented accuse a network to had built. Big lake water quality improves apparently, too Ma Hu " 4 lakes catchment " prevention and cure of prevent or control flood, drain flooded fields, water pollution and blood prevent a project, obtain initial effect. Last year, discharge capacity of oxygen demand of Hubei province chemistry dropped than 2006 3.98% , fall a front row of house whole nation. Current, complete province is main fluvial water quality is good, accord with Ⅰ , Ⅲ kind the section of the standard that monitor relatively on year increased 10.7 % .

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