Jiangxi province falls into disuse again close stop 14 to pollute serious busine
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Jiangxi province government will be given out on August 21 " the urgent announcement that reduces a job about adopting stern measure to promote main contaminant gross " , adopt the early-warning that decrease a platoon, area to be restricted to approve, fall into disuse shut, stop production processing, notice of criticism 5 write down " heavy fist " treat corrupt hind, jiangxi saves main contaminant gross to decrease a job to show push state quickly, already had 36 pollution serious business is fallen into disuse to shut or stop production is administered. Violate act to hit an environment further, advance complete province main contaminant gross reduces a job, agree via saving a government, on October 9, bureau of Jiangxi province environmental protection pollutes serious environment to violate an enterprise to carry out to 14 again fall into disuse shut or stop production processing.

14 are fallen into disuse to involve the company that stop in, 6 produce per year 10 thousand tons of the following, liquid waste to exceed the small paper mill that mark discharges for a long time, it is respectively: The county that allow a country is flourishing paper of spring of greenery of county of limited company, Mt Jade tastes paper industry county of paper mill of Hong Lei of county of hill of factory, lead, Nanchang is small mill of paper of mill of paper of spring of mouth of a cave of city of country of orchid paper mill, duckweed, Feng Xinxin grand. 6 pollution administer establishment simple, pollution serious, masses reflects strong company or product line is shut, it is respectively: Jiangxi inferior limited company asks industry of Fu Xiang drug of factory of food of spring of sword of county of limited company of beer of hill of tiger of dragon of city of rare industrial limited company, expensive brook, Li Chuan, Jingdezhen city his Xilinsheng produces acerbity easy on the west line, Jiangxi. The not perfect to facilities of processing of two liquid waste, enterprise that cannot realize stability to amount to mark to discharge carries out stop production processing, it is respectively: Industry of 10 thousand paper of Qing Lin carrying a county limited company, Jiangxi is rich new paper industry limited company.

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