Guangxi: Battle of the energy-saving assault fortified positions that decrease a
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Guangxi will rise in October from this year, began energy-saving the battle of assault fortified positions that decreases a platoon. Face stricter and stricter environmental protection code, polluting a business is to spend big money to rectify and reform " seek to live on " , be still attempt and accomplish nothing " wait dead " ? On October 6, straight main media comes to area of organization of bureau of municipal environmental protection to 100 kinds interview. Reporter discovery, the project on many 100 kinds of contaminative company options, buy equipment, do ability to change, reduce liquid waste, waste gas, waste residue discharge. These investment not only the cap that lets an enterprise take off contaminative large family, still get the result that expect is less than.

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Limited company of sugar industry of cropland Yang Nahua (sugar industry of Na Hua of the following abbreviation) it is an old company that has 51 years of histories, day extracts sugar cane 6000 tons, duty of every annual interest occupies the 1/10 of income of finance of Tian Yang county, the dimensions that extract sugar cane ranks 100 kinds the 2nd. The enterprise decreases a platoon whether pass a barrier, not only the life and death that the issue involves enterprise itself, the economy that also affecting cropland in relief county grows.

According to Na Hua sugar industry concerns chief introduction, liquid waste handles back row simply to put through oxidation candy barmy before, very difficult implementation amounts to the purpose that mark discharges. Once happen,collapse the circumstance such as dam, leakage, can cause accident sex to discharge, the enterprise should be punished not only by the severity of environmental protection branch, concerned controller still can be found out responsibility, enterprise of the person that weigh is faced with be closed to stop. "After the flower builds new system 10.42 million yuan, the enterprise had unripe opportunity eventually. " this chief says.

Guangxi fine industry of 100 million paper limited company (the following abbreviation fine industry of 100 million paper) also be large family of papermaking of 100 kinds of city, in it all round 8 enterprises such as mutual ammunition power plant, amylaceous factory, electric machinery factory, close during rectify and reform stopped 4, of the government sector " move real " let an enterprise feel existent pressure. Inside short time, enterprise general almost all equipment were changed " environmental protection " . A controller sighs with emotion: "This is life-and-death to the enterprise test, want to continue to live, must not hesitate principal does ability to change. Must not hesitate principal does ability to change..

During 100 kinds are interviewed, south limited company of refine sugar of Inc. of 100 kinds of Gan Hua, Jing Xi, Tian Yang China paper industry limited company (industry of paper of Na Hua of the following abbreviation) ... almost all large companies " move " rise. Concern chief introduction according to environmental protection branch, still have a few company at present waiting wait-and-see, or hate to part with investment to buy the pass a barrier of a few machine purpose deceive that eliminate easily only. These enterprises will close the punishment that stop or rectifies and reform again.
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