Hunan beneficial this world closes stop 500 " 3 small " contaminative industry
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Ma Yong of secretary of municipal Party committee of Hunan beneficial this world disclosed to the reporter recently, this city sheds environment of area of lake of front courtyard of region, hole to undertake key punish obtains result to endowment river, already closed at present stop the tall pollution company such as mud of small papermaking, small mine, urine 500, take strict precautions against pollution to rebound, green hill of green still water with true colors.

The reporter sees in town of county of key of a few papermaking, the industry replaces unboiled water of as same as industrial move wind to rise. A batch permanent close a business, selling off equipment, bulrush, some drafting that use implementation of existing domain, workshop to change the line of production. The conformity of papermaking enterprise, in recombining to also be carried out in intense ground. Yuan river city is promoting industry of Zhen Wei paper and industry of auspicious flourish paper, mill of paper of Si lake hill and Xin amount to paper industry to incorporate; The county plans to focus company of waste paper papermaking 800 bend to wait for production of two garden region south, so that liquid waste centers processing. Punish got concrete result, south lake of hole front courtyard by the poorest 5 kinds of water quality when already rose for 2 kinds of water quality.

"Want golden hill silver-colored hill already, want green water green hill again " , it is the economic progress new target that this city raises this year. This city is restricted strictly and prohibit going up newly high cost can, tall pollution project. To the specific project of different area, disparate industry, condition of admittance of strict environmental protection; The project with strong report of the project that joins laws and regulations of environmental protection law and national industry policy to notting agree with, project with unreasonable position, masses and exceed contaminant gross to control index, zoology to destroy serious project, say stoutly " not " . Area of endowment this world plans project of introduced 21 chemical industry this year, because of the enterprise cannot acceptance reachs a nation a kind of standard that decrease a platoon, and autograph be declininged is made an appointment with. According to statistic, come nearly 5 years, branch of this city environmental protection changed construction project to undertake annulus evaluation is approved to 500 many new enlarge, kill the construction project that does not accord with environmental protection requirement in all 84, controlled the generation of new pollution source effectively.

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