Green negotiable securities or appear on the market into the enterprise entrance
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Industry of Jin Dong paper may make stand in the way of environmentalist of domestic head origin and appear on the market the enterprise of suffocate suffocate, be taken seriously as environmental problem increasingly, this one incident may have the typical sense that comparative, also to appearing on the market the environmental protection responsibility of the enterprise rings alarm bell noisy

By August 2008, division of group of Indonesian golden light leaves famous papermaking company company -- industry of Jin Dong paper (Jiangsu) Inc. (next weighing industry of Jin Dong paper) seek A appear on the market to be organized by much home environmental protection obstruct, 6 environmental protection organize ministry of environmental protection of country of cosignatory submit a written statement to a higher authority, ministry of request environmental protection continues to reinforce the relevant policy such as green credit, approach this company cautiously appear on the market application.

Since close period of time, "Green negotiable securities " the field of vision that this concept enters people gradually, relevant superintendency section also takes seriously more appear on the market to the environmental protection of the enterprise is evaluated and be checked. And if the enterprise cannot be perfected carry out " green negotiable securities " policy, face the possibility appear on the market the risk of suffocate suffocate.

  Unscramble " green negotiable securities "

To spending pollution again industry business appears on the market, stem from safeguard live jointly reach surroundings, the public often gives more attention. Accordingly, appear on the market in this kind of enterprise in the process, the condition that partial society community offers crosscurrent through all sorts of ways is not rarely seen.

And this paper industry is in Jin Dong A appear on the market environmental protection is checked fair oppugn and object what during showing, send, circumstance criterion and before different. The sound that objects this is not to come from dispersive social community, come from the friend that organizes nature at including native land environmental protection, green home and international environmental protection to organize green peace however inside object jointly what 6 environmental protection organize, impetus and social influence all are belonged to all-time.

"Be known according to me, resemble appearing personally at the same time by organization of 6 environmental protection so, put forward jointly to appear on the market to an enterprise through giving out the means of open and cosignatory letter to environmental protection ministry the incident of nick, still belong to in field of stock market of our country A first. " accepting " legal person " when the reporter is interviewed, wang Zhonghui's lawyer represents silver-colored attorney office in Beijing.
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