Heavy fist of Zhejiang peaceful sea strikes at an environment to pollute an ente
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In flashlight production presses down Ning Haixi inn greatly, the alumina that is form a complete set of this one industry processes a business -- the stop production punish that factory of oxidation of peaceful Hai Lingfeng passes nearly two months, began trial production again a few days ago. As we have learned, this factory threw many yuan 40 this, transformed liquid waste sedimentation basin afresh, draw facility of the sewage such as the tower, off-gas treatment.

Last year since second half of the year, around zoology construction and masses reflect intense environmental problem, peaceful sea county drafted environmental protection 3 years action plan, of the branch such as integrated environmental protection execute the law force, heavy fist strikes at the enterprise that asks without examine and approve or polluting a source to administer short of environmental protection. So far, ban in all, close stop contaminative company 77, involve papermaking, aluminous oxidation, pickling, small fusion, eletroplate, useless plastic make the trade such as bead.

Be opposite eletroplate in industry punish, peaceful sea county planned to cover an area of area of 100 mus garden of environmental protection industry, invest many yuan of 2000 construction to abandon water treatment plant, unified processing eletroplates sewage. Go up at the beginning of the month, investment of plant of liquid waste processing tries move. Peaceful Hai Jiacheng eletroplates the factory already had a many month in new plant go into operation. Zhang Jialun of company general manager says gladly, also need not worry for liquid waste, exhaust emission again now, and the working environment it may not be a bad idea of employee is much. It is reported, to the end of this year, the company of plating of 13 home appliance that this county has manufacturing license will remove new plant area.

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