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The world is the greatest paper mill room, the world is the greatest paper machine... successive the high fever weather of much day, did not affect paper of golden sea oar to produce per year the plan of project of 1.6 million tons of papermaking, personnel of many 1000 construction is disregarded burning hot, making quickly multinomial " of the world most " .

Workshop of the biggest papermaking seals the world at the beginning of July very

Overall length 638 rice, 20.5 meters tall, this is the paper of golden sea oar in be being built produce per year project of 1.6 million tons of papermaking advocate equipment factory building.

"This workshop is the world's the longest, at present oldest papermaking factory building. " industry of paper of oar of Hainan gold sea limited company assistant manager plum 豊 beautiful jade says to the reporter.

This project cent gives priority to the 30 many subprojects such as storehouse of establishment of equipment factory building, fire control, raw material, stock storehouse. Storehouse of each form a complete set will begin construction in July last year, among them dry pulp storehouse is finishing already, stock storehouse, finished product storehouse already all was finished 86% .

"Advocate equipment factory building already was finished 46% the left and right sides, will begin to seal a top at the beginning of this year July, predict the copy is complete in September. " plum 豊 beautiful jade says, facilities will approach in succession August installation.

The world is the greatest highest day produces paper engine 4000 tons

"2 paper machine is current the whole world is the greatest paper machine, it is the world at the same time the most advanced, most the paper machine of environmental protection. " Huang Yifeng of assistant manager of department of production of limited company paper tells industry of paper of oar of Hainan gold sea the reporter, this paper pilot 540 meters, wide it is 11 meters, speed 1800 meters / minute.

Because this paper machine is in,the respect such as engineering technology, environmental protection all is different from machine of other and common paper, to the risk reduces on operation machine, huang Yifeng will arrive in June from last year now, already produced business Germany 6 times early or late company of technology of papermaking of Fu Yi spy has study and technical communication, mix to suit at the same time the engineering technology that researchs paper machine, he spent time of 6 many months to arrange a design to give suitable plan full, revise what plan undertook countless times, in order to master the manufacturing technology of paper machine.

"After put into production of this paper machine, highest daily output can amount to 4000 tons. " introduce according to Huang Yifeng.

Overall the plan will try in July next year machine join movement.
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